Sunday, September 30, 2012

::28. september. 2012

hepppi besday sayang ,

tahun ni tahun yang paling indah..
sengaja belikan he a books ..
not a buku buku biasa..since he is now mendalami apa yag patut dipelajari..y not im support him by buying this..its worth :)

anyway..the special dinner cakes and everthing nothing compare the gift Allah give to us..the love between us..
hepppi besday sayang
mummy n qais luv u so much

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

::son of mine ::

mummy miss u son!

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lama sungguh tak menjenguk blog ni...


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Monday, April 2, 2012

::he is big boy now::

this entry sud be written earlier..two days earlier.

its about my little boy,my champ,.little champ..

he is 2years old and 2 weeks now..
he still dont wanna letgo breastfeeding..arrghhh..
name it la..mcm2 cara dah me n en luv buat to make him stop bf..but failed.
dah letak garlic,kopi,colgate,minyak cap kapak!and still si kecik sgt hardcore..

actually its not the issue nk cpt3 to stop bf..but the doc advise mummy to stop if insist to conceive..that y its become rush..i want a baby.that it..
and its just the time si kecik had to stop bf..i mean he already 2y..even lam quran pom diharuskan sehingga kanak2 berumur 2 tahun,,

after discuss w en luv..n my mum..we decided to sent him to my mum to be exactly..hehe..and my mum sgt excited..yes she is..
remember when si kecik small dulu pom my mum yg susah2 take care of him..its different if other people taking care him once he dah besar..its not difficult if compare taking care a small baby..*i owed mum so much*

okey back to the entry..
we had called brainny bunch and ask for leave..and the teachers agree..
settle satu issue..

then suddenly i talked to my sister #nena...
and she just come up w idea to send si kecik to her..
and its near..usj jer..huhuhu
#nena and her maid pom dah biase ngn si kecik..her two angels pom sayang ngn si kecik..heheh.
plg bersyukur sbb en luv agree..n my mum angree sbb risau anak nye asek call her menangis igtkan si kecik...hahahah..
actually we agree w mum sbb our kg isquite far kalo nk hantr sana..but its mum that we can rely on..but since nena yang come up w the idea..i reaally appreciate it and blast! ..syukur syukur

at least its near if i reallky tak tahan nk tgk si kecik..:(

its been 3 days now and im stil cring bile nk tido memalam..

and does si still manageable..itulah yg nena bitau..he is big boy now
and this is for his benefit..we had sacrifice..
sabar yea en luv stop asking me nk g usj jumpe si kecik..:0p

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

qais turn 2 :)

dear son,
sorry there is no celebration this year for your besday..
u know we r verry the bzbee handling and prepare for uja's wedding
i hope u dont mind...
the celebrtion is just an event..
the most important is u had us..
loving u..protect u...and always be there for u when u need us..
we always pray the best for u..
jadi anak yang soleh ...dunia dan akhirat...

owwhh son time flies tooo fast and u had growing up...we luv u every secon of ur heart beats...

hepppi 2nd besday son

mummy + daddy

p/s: sian lak son had high fever on besday..alahai...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

:: 😪😒::

my emosi boleh dikatakan tak berapa nak stabil..
this a few days im easily cry..
pantang people around me salah cakap sket terus nk menangis..
knowing that en luv bukan seorg yg amat prihatin..n sgt laa x amik pot..bile aku terase jer..terus masuk bilik n cry..

Ya Allah ..whats wrong wif me...
kuatkan lah hatiku..imanku,.. amen 😞

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helloo 2012...
dah masuk march baru teringat dah lama tak hupdate blog..hehehehhe..
sowie peeps..too many thingsto little time..heh...
anyway ..2012 bnyk fam wedd nk attend:

1) 10.3.2012 uja big day :)

2) hari raye ke -5 2012 aming big day :))

ok nnti will hupdate pasal other story mory k...

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